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LET’S DRIVE! AT&T introduces new texting and driving simulator

Posted on September 19, 2013
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If you think it’s OK to text and drive, then go ahead, give it a try.

No seriously, let’s drive!

As part of AT&T’s Campaign “It Can Wait” against texting and driving, AT&T has created an attention-grabbing simulator that recreates traffic and texts you in real time. The interactive simulator educates users on the extreme levels of risk that texting puts them in while driving on the road.

Although the simulation plays similar to a video game, the tone is not to be taken lightly. The challenge hits home two strong messages.

  • Texting and driving safely can’t be done. Period.
  • It’s one thing to watch an award winning documentary about the permanent damage caused by texting and driving, but it’s quite another to actually cause a deadly accident due to a text, tweet, post, or email.

To remind yourself of the dangers of texting and driving, then make sure to download the simulator.


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Union Plus, which provides a 15% discount on select AT&T wireless plans, supports AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign for union drivers to pledge to never text and drive. In order to really make a difference, make sure to tell your friends and family that their life is more important than any text.

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Visit ItCanWait.org to stay informed and to take the pledge to stop texting and driving.


DriveMode app for your smartphone


Also, make sure to download the DriveMode app on your smartphone to help curb the habit of texting and driving. The mobile app will send automatic text message replies to those texting you while driving (video below).



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Don’t forget that union members can save with Union Plus’s exclusive 15% discount AT&T. Visit UnionPlus.org/ATT to save 15% on select wireless plans from AT&T, the nation’s only union wireless provider.

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