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17 Union Member Photos of U@Work for Labor Day

Posted on September 2, 2013
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For union members, Labor Day is more than the barbecue, the seasonal change, and the parade. It's a tribute to us, union members whose labor upholds the American standard of worker solidarity. The pride we feel on Labor Day builds upon a collection of stories, past and present, of union members whose continual fight has earned rights such as the 8-hour work day, equal pay laws, and child labor laws.


Check out these 17 photos submitted by union members, each one shining union pride at a different light. And if you haven't submitted your union photo, please submit today at www.UnionPlus.org/Contest for a chance to be one of 15 prize winners!

Happy Labor Day from Union Plus! 


"I LOVE serving NYC!" â€" Tameka Thompson, CWA

"Fantastic first day of fifth grade!" â€" Michale Melton, AFT

"Here I am bright and early before any distractions come my way! Bring on the new fall semester! I'm ready!" â€" Lisa Tavares, AFSCME

"Working to capture the dialog of actors playing in the waves off Montego Bay, Jamaica while keeping the equipment dry." â€" Bryan Cahill, IATSE

"Ready to roll with my train across the Montana mountains." â€" Joseph Santucci, BLET

"Happy at work during my 12 hour day shift!" â€" Fran Forte, AFL-CIO

"Working outside in Macy Herold Square 34st suspended scaffold." â€" William Mero, AFL-CIO

"Always good to have Einstein, a charter member of the Princeton Federation of Teachers, Local 552, looking over my shoulder at work!" â€" Christine Landon, AFT

"It is an amazing life!" â€" Angel Gomez, SEIU

"Shop Steward in Brooklyn New York for Budweiser." â€" Steven Vaccaro, IBT

"Teaching is 10% management; 40% knowledge and 50% showing students you care....which means dressing up for character day during Homecoming Week!" â€" Missy Rudd, AFT

"The biggest house I've ever painted!!!" â€" Brian Talarico, IUPAT

"BROTHERHOOD." â€" Paul Jacques, IAFF

"Mt. in West Virginia, 500kv construction." â€" Robert Servick, IBEW

"Big mustache on site." â€" John Ellis, IBEW

"Standing strong with family." â€" Cathy Matthews, AFT

"Me and my 'ax!'" â€" Claudia Shiuh Langone


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