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Money-saving rebates for Union Plus credit cardholders

Posted on October 2, 2012
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Credit card rebates

Union Plus Credit Cardholders enjoy many unique benefits including exclusive union member rates, financial hardship protections, everyday savings, and rebates like these:

  1. AT&T Smartphone Rebate: Qualify for a $100 rebate when you upgrade to a smartphone and an AT&T Wireless data plan. Your rebate will cover the costs of your qualifying smartphone upgrade and one month of the qualifying data plan services up to $100. Or if you're switching to AT&T from another carrier, use your rebate to cover cancellation fees.

    Solidarity pays: AT&T is the only national unionized wireless provider and gives union members a 15% on individual and family wireless plans.
  2. Auto Buying Down Payment Rebate: Qualify for up to a $350 rebate when you buy a new or used union-made car and use your Union Plus Card to pay for a portion of your down payment. You not only save on your purchase, you're also supporting your union brothers and sisters.
  3. Energy Savings Rebate: Qualify for up to $500 in rebates on home improvement purchases. Receive $100 for every $400 spent with a lifetime limit of up to $500. Rebate may be spread over several purchases.
  4. Eligible Union Plus credit cardholders, plus mortgage and insurance customers, are also eligible for unique Union SAFE grants, specifically for union members facing financial hardship.

Don't have a Union Plus Credit Card?  Apply now online and get a response in as little as 30 seconds.

Even if you don't have the card, union members are also eligible for the auto buying rebates for new, union-made and green vehicles. 

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