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*NEW CONTEST* Have a Union Plus Mortgage? Tell us about it for a chance to win up to two months of paid mortgage!

Posted on March 15, 2014
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Home sweet home

At Union Plus, we love to hear stories from union members.

That's why from March 15 to April 15, we are asking union members who have a Union Plus mortgage to tell the story of home ownership by:

  1. Telling us what home ownership means to you,
  2. And uploading a photo of your home.
  3. You are entered to win* either the 1st place prize of 2 monthly mortgage payments up to $1,500 each or the 2nd place prize of 1 monthly mortgage payment up to $1,500.


It's that easy! The "My Home Sweet Home" Mortgage Contest is open for all members who have a Union Plus mortgage. Just by sharing your feelings about owning a home and uploading a photo, you can win two or one month of paid-mortgage.

To enter:


How will you write your story?

  • Is it your first home?
  • Why did you become a homeowner?
  • How did you find this home?
  • How about the security for your family?
  • Think about all the memories to come!


Excited? So are we! Hurry up and tell us your story by clicking here >>


*If prize proceeds are not sufficient to cover full monthly mortgage payments, proceeds will be applied to member's mortgage loan as a principal reduction.

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