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Popular Disney discounts are back!

Posted on February 7, 2013
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Disney magic kingdom

Disney discounts are back!  Now your spring break vacation can be an affordable Disney adventure using your Union Plus discounts.  You'll find dozens of ways to save--good at both DISNEYLAND® and Disney World®.

Use these tips to make the most of your Disney getaway: 

  • Be sure you understand your ticket purchase. Magic Your Way park admissions are sold as a base ticket plus options.
  • Consider which itineraries suit your kids' ages. The official Disney World website helps you find fun for preschoolers, big kids, teens, etc.
  • Check out age and height requirements for attractions.  You don't want your child to look forward to a ride he/she can't go on!
  • Check ride refurbishments.  If your child has a favorite attraction, make sure it isn't closed for maintenance.
  • Study the park calendars for parades, live entertainment, and fireworks, so you get the most from each day. Remember, distances between the parks are considerable, so if you want to end up in a particular park for fireworks, plan accordingly!
  • Choose your time of year with care. You need to balance four main factors: crowds, heat, park hours, and special events. During busy times, parks stay open late and you may find extra parades and fireworks.

Read The Disney Blog
for the latest news and visitor information.

--> Order Disney World tickets: Call 1-800-565-3712 and reference MEMBER ID#744387769 or order online.

--> Order Disneyland tickets:  Call 1-800-565-3712 and reference MEMBER ID #744387769.

And as you plan your Disney vacation, don't forget to use your Union Plus Car Rental Discounts up to 25% off - and use UnionPlusTravel.com to book a flight and hotel.


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