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Why Choose AT&T Over Other Wireless Carriers

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Why do we offer union member discounts on wireless service with AT&T instead of other wireless carriers like CREDO or Verizon?

3 reasons to choose AT&T:

  1. AT&T is the one and only nationwide unionized wireless carrier, with some 45,000 members of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) working as technicians, customers service representatives and retail store personnel.  And union members receive a 15% Union Plus discount off regular AT&T wireless plans.
  2. AT&T remains neutral during organizing campaigns.
  3. You could also benefit from a rebate up to $250 when you upgrade your smartphone and switch to AT&T.  Learn more about the rebate 

  4. 3 reasons why CREDO isn't all it claims to be:

    While CREDO does promote itself as the politically progressive alternative for wireless service, you should be aware that:

    1. CREDO is a non-union company that repackages and resells Sprint wireless service -- a non-union competitor of AT&T.
    2. According to CWA, Sprint aggressively opposes union organizing and has a long record of outsourcing significant parts of the work it performs, which have lead to lower pay and worse benefits for its workers.
    3. CREDO does not financially support any workers' rights or labor organizations.

    Who deserves our support?


    AT&T WirelessNow more than ever we need to stand together, support decent jobs, and support union companies that respect workers' rights. With the nation's largest wireless provider, Verizon Wireless, also being non-union and have resisted employees' efforts to organize a union; AT&T is the one and only nationwide unionized wireless service provider and offers a 15% discount for union members.

    You're not likely to find a big company that doesn't donate to candidates that labor opposes. AT&T's donation history, according to Fast Company, is "roughly split down the middle between Republicans and Democrats." 

    That's why as CWA's President Cohen says, "For progressives who care about workers' rights, AT&T is the clear choice for wireless service."

    iWon't Upgrade Campaign

    Communication Workers of America CWA, IBEW and the AFL-CIO, joined by MoveOn.org, US Action and Jobs with Justice, recently launched iWon't, a campaign asking Americans to delay upgrading to the iPhone 4s on Verizon Wireless until the company agrees to a fair contract with its workers. Learn more here.

Member Comments

On 05/12/14 anonymous said:

I Am A Retired United Auto. Worker! I Will Continue To Support Union Workers!!!

On 12/23/13 gayle said:

Thank you for this information. I have been seriously considering switching to CREDO to support politically progressive company. Based on ATT being a union supported workplace, I'll keep my business with ATT.

On 12/02/13 Peter said:

I will choose AT&T as my provider over verizon

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