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Union Plus National Labor College (NLC) "Teach-Out" Scholarship

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National Labor College Scholarship

The National Labor College (NLC) offered its final courses in the spring semester from January to April 2014.


Through a "teach-out" plan, current NLC students who cannot graduate in the spring can still obtain their NLC degrees through partner colleges throgh the fall of 2015.

Starting in the fall of 2014 Union Plus is providing $25,000 to students attending NLC teach-out schools, offering a final set of awards for NLC students participating in the NLC teach-out program.  .

All NLC students will be sent an email with the new Union Plus NLC Teach-Out Scholarship online application link. Or check back here for the online application.

NOTE:  The application for the Union Plus NLC Teach-Out Scholarship fall 2014 semester is currently closed. Check back here for future semesters.


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Fall 2014 Union Plus NLC Teach-Out Scholarship Awards

Drew Allen, UTU

Sandra Butler, AFSCME

Kenneth Ebler, SMART

Avis Farmer, AFGE

Edwina Howard-Agu, IAM

Amos Kwah, ATU

Rene Mendoza, CWA

Gary Michel, UA

Karen Mora, IAM

Kevin Muhammad, Working America

Kimberly Patterson, AFSCME

Anderson Sibedwo, Working America

Tammy Spinks, IBEW

Joshua Strange, AFSCME


Union Plus NLC Teach-Out Scholarship 


NLC students participating in the teach-out program with an NLC teach-out partner college

NLC teach-out students will be invited to apply by email.

The first awards will be available for the fall 2014 semester.

Dues-paying labor union members or staff employees of an AFL-CIO affiliated organization, or current members or Working America.

Awards are determined by Union Plus and are based on financial need and an essay.


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