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Union Plus Student Debt Eraser

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Apply for a Student Debt Eraser Grant

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  • Helping union members with high student loan debt.
  • With student loan debt now surpassing $1 trillion - Union Plus is now offering $500 grants to assist union members with the high cost of their student loans.
  • Union Plus customers can now apply for a grant of $500 to help pay off their student loans.

Apply Now!  Grants are only available for as long as funds last.

Helping union members with student loan debt


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Current or retired members of unions that offer Union Plus benefits.
  • Union Plus Credit Card holder, Union Plus Mortgage holder or Union Plus Life or AD&D Insurance policy holder - for at least 6 months (account must be in good standing). Note: for AD&D Insurance, you must be a paid policy holder, no-cost AD&D policy holders are not eligible.
  • 40 years of age or younger, at the time of application.
  • At least $10,000 in outstanding federal or private student loan debt.  Must be applicant's own debt from their own schooling (not co-signed debt for another person's schooling).
  • Graduate of a U.S., accredited college or university with a degree.

Required items:

  • Union membership information - national union name, local union number or name.
  • Student loan information - details of your current outstanding student loans - copies of student loan statements with:  dollar balance amount, name and address of financial institution, student loan account number.
  • College information - school, graduation and degree details.
  • Essay of about 350 words answering the question:  Tell us how this award will help you? (See full details in online application).

For complete details see the Student Debt Eraser Grant application.

Evaluation criteria:

If you meet the requirements you'll receive a grant - but grants are only available for as long as funds last.

**Student Debt Eraser Grants are only available for as long as funds last.**


 Grant payment details:

  • Grants are paid directly to the student loan financial institution.
  • Grant application processing takes approximately 8 - 10 weeks.
  • After processing applicants are notified by mail.
  • If approved, grants can take up to 2 months to be credited to the student loan account.
  • Lifetime limit: one $500 grant.

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Member Comments

On 08/13/14 anonymous said:

This is age discrimination!! I started my formal education process later in life, achieving my Master's Degree in 2008 at the age of fifty-nine. I now have over forty-thousand dollars in student loan debt. But, I don't qualify for the Debt Eraser Credit because I'm not forty-years old or younger. Not fair!!

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