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Health Care

Save on your out-of-pocket health costs

Union Plus Health Savings program

Choose a Union Plus Health Savings program that's right for you - including advice on how to handle insurance and your bills.

Union Plus Prescription Card

Download this no-cost prescription discount card and start saving at participating pharmacies.

Union Plus Health Club Discounts

Join a gym in your area through GlobalFit and save 15-30%. You can even join smoking cessation and weight loss programs at a discount.

Union Plus Hospital Care Grants

If you're a union member with a large, uncovered hospital bill, the Union Plus Hospital Grant could help.


Consumer advice for better health-related decisions

Consumer Health Choices - Information from Consumer Reports to make you a more informed consumer     of common treatments, tests and procedures.


Top 10 health-related Web sites - From the CDC to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and beyond.


View a presentation by an expert from Consumer Reports on choosing a health care plan.


Facing financial hardship due to a health crisis?


  • Bob Newcomb, CWA, health savings participant

    I'm sticking with Union Plus Health Savings. It costs so little, and it's worth every penny for all the savings - and the great service.

    — Bob Newcomb, CWA Local 3108, Health Savings program participant

  • Kristan McArthur, UFCW, hospital care grant recipient

    The Union Plus Grant helped me a lot. It was such a big relief after I used the $1,000 to pay off what I owed for the surgery.

    — Kristan McArthur, UFCW Local 1996, Hospital Care Grant recipient

  • Greg Doss, IBEW, health savings program participant

    This program is great. It saved us about $400 in medical expenses, including doctor visits, vision checks, prescriptions…and, yes, my son's trip to the hospital.

    — Gregg Doss, IBEW Local 611, Health Savings participant

  • Beverly Walsh, IAM, health savings program participant

    The Union Plus Health Savings Program was so easy to use, we got all of the prescriptions at the same place and using the program was no problem at all.

    — Beverly Walsh, IAM Local 63, Health Savings program participant

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