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Home Energy Rebates

Heard all the talk about going green? Wondering how it affects you? The truth is conserving energy is good for America, good for business and can be good for union families, too.

With Union Plus Rebates it's easy going green. Union Plus has new programs to help union members and their families save energy, and save money, too.

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Going Green Can Save Jobs

Global warming solutions mean jobs for union workers. United Steelworkers has created innovative partnerships with the Sierra Club in the Blue Green Alliance and the We Can Solve the Climate Crisis (We) Campaign.

The goal is to create a more energy-efficient economy with good-paying domestic union jobs in "green" industries.


Tools & Services

  • Find
    Find local energy offices

    Find your local or state energy office at the National Association of State Energy Official Web site.

  • Read
    Alliance to Save Energy Web site

    Read energy-saving consumer tips at the Alliance to Save Energy's Web site.

  • Learn
    Energy Star Appliances

    Learn more about Energy Star appliances at the Energy Star Web site.


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