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Union Plus is brought to you by Union Privilege, established by the AFL-CIO to provide consumer benefits to members and retirees of participating labor unions. Learn More
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Union Plus
Union Members & Families: Get Special Deals Now!
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Is it time to renew your auto insurance? This is the place to get a free online quote. While you're at it, sign up for no-cost accidental death and dismemberment coverage.

And find out about Driver Education Grants that can lead to discounts on your auto insurance. Even pets can have Union Plus insurance coverage to reduce vet bills.

Union Plus programs help you manage health care costs for everyone in the family, even Fido.

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Life & Accident Insurance Questions?

Baffled by all your life, disability and accident insurance options? Call 1-800-393-0864 and talk to an experienced insurance rep who can provide you guidance.

Need Health Insurance?

Find out how to get an affordable plan through Working America Health Care.

Dental & Vision Discounts

Don't have dental or vision insurance? Save on dental and vision care with the Union Plus Dental & Vision Discounts program.


Up to $20,000 of No-cost-to-You Accidental Death Insurance

Get $10,000 of coverage for death due to any type of accident at home, at work and while commuting or traveling anywhere in the world. Plus, $10,000 of additional coverage against accidental death while at work. Call 1-800-393-0864 or visit www.unionplusinsurance.com for details.

Trusted Partner

Union Plus life and accident insurance is provided by The Hartford, a trusted leader in the insurance industry.


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Help if you don’t know your union

Your union membership dictates which Union Plus benefits you are eligible to use.

  1. What your national union’s name (not just your local number)? Scroll through the list we have to see if you recognize your union.
  2. What type of work do you do (select your occupation)?
  3. Do you have a union member card or union publication/letter that shows the name of your union? Find something with the name of your union, not just a local number.
  4. Is there a shop steward or work colleague you can ask what the name of your union is? You can even ask your human resources department to tell you the full name of your union?
  5. Do you have a Union Plus Credit Card? If so, the name and logo for your international union should appear on the front of the card.

Union Plus Credit Card

Union members are automatically eligible for their union's Union Plus benefits and you do not need to be a Union Plus Credit Cardholder in order to access your union's Union Plus benefits.

But - if you are a Union Plus Credit Cardholder, you could be eligible for additional discounts.