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Union Plus Secured Credit Card

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Secured Credit Card

As of March 1, 2013, Capital One® is no longer offering the Union Plus Secured Card. Any new applications received on or after March 1 will be declined and any security deposits included with those applications will be returned.
All active Union Plus Secured Card accounts will be converted to non-secured accounts by June 1 and cardholders will have their deposits returned.

To stay informed about new Union Plus credit cards, including an alternative to the secured card that's in development, please sign up for free Union Plus emails.

Credit Education

Credit Education 101: Read these credit education tips to understand how credit works and if necessary, how to improve your credit score .

Customer Service

  • All Union Plus Credit Card Customer Service calls answered by representatives in the United States.   The card's 24-hour personal customer service is available online or by phone (see numbers on the Union Plus Credit Card site).
  • Union member advocates: Staffed by fellow union members, Union Privilege can provide extra help to  Union Plus Credit Cardholders. To contact Union Plus advocates about concerns, please complete the Union Plus feedback form.
  • You can access your online account management on unionpluscard.com to manage your Union Plus Credit Card account, view statements or even pay your bill online.


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