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Union-Made Beers

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When you're reaching for a beer, why not buy union-made?

Here's a brief list of beers and ales made by members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), the International Brother of Teamsters (IBT), the United Autoworkers (UAW), the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE), and IUE-CWA.  If we're missing any, let us know at info@unionprivilege.org.

Text BEER to 22555 to receive the list of your mobile device too.

Or if you prefer union-made ROOT beer, chose Barq's, Blumers or Old Philiadelpia!

---> And check out other union-made items and union member discounts on unionized items here.

Beer Name Union
1845 Pils IBT
Alexander Keiths IAM
Anheuser-Busch IBT/IAM
Bass Ale IAM
Beck's IAM
Boston Oktoberfest IUE-CWA
Boston Winter Lager IUE-CWA
Budweiser IBT/IAM
Budweiser American Ale IBT/IAM
Burger IUE-CWA
Burger Light IUE-CWA
Camo Black Ice IUE-CWA
Camo Ice IUE-CWA
Coors IBT
Dundee Craft Beer IBT
Duquesne IUE-CWA
Duquesne Light IUE-CWA
Earthquake IUE-CWA
Genesee IBT
Goose Island IBT
Grain Belt Premium (Schell's) USW
Hamm's UAW/IAM
Hamm's Draft UAW
Hamm's Light UAW
Henry Weinhard's Blue Boar Pale Ale UAW/IAM
Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve UAW/IAM
Hoegaarden IAM
Hudy Delight IUE-CWA
Hudy 14K IUE-CWA
Icehouse UAW/IAM
Iron City IUE-CWA
Iron City Light IUE-CWA
Labatt's Blue IBT/UFCW
Labatt's Blue Light UFCW
Landshark Lager IAM
Latrobe IUE-CWA
Leffe Blond IAM
Leinenkugel's UAW
Lionshead IUOE
Mad River IAM
Michelob IAM/IBT
Michelob Light IBT
Mickey's Ice UAW
Mickey's Malt UAW
Miller Genuine Draft UAW/IBT/IAM
Miller Genuine Draft Light UAW/IBT/IAM
Miller High Life UAW/IBT/IAM
Miller High Life Light UAW/IBT/IAM
Miller Lite UAW/IBT/IAM
Miller Lite Ice UAW/IBT/IAM
Milwaukee Lager  IUE-CWA
Milwaukee Light IUE-CWA
Milwaukee Special Reserve IUE-CWA
Milwaukee's Best UAW/IAM
Milwaukee's Best Ice UAW/IAM
Milwaukee's Best Light UAW/IAM
Molson IBT
Moosehead IBT
Natural Ice IAM
Natural Light IAM
O'Doul's IAM/IBT
Old German IUE-CWA
Olde English 800 UAW/IAM
Pabst UAW
Pennsylvania Style Lager, Light and Ice IUE-CWA
Red Dog UAW
Red Stripe IUE-CWA
Rolling Rock IAM
Schell's USW
Sharp's (non alcoholic) UAW/IAM
Shock Top IAM/IBT
Sparks Malt IAM
Steelhead Fine Ale IAM
Stegmaier IUOE
Stella Artois IAM
Stoneys Gold Crown IUE-CWA
Stoneys Lager and Light IUE-CWA
Third Shift (MillerCoors) IBT


Member Comments

On 10/23/14 anonymous said:

I believe that Sam Adams is Union made, though I'm not 100% sure.

On 10/16/14 anonymous said:

So now that PBR sold out to a Russian commi, I'm sure they're Not union anymore..????

On 08/02/14 Zak said:

Lagunitas' beers from the Chicago brewery are Union made. (Teamsters)

On 07/03/14 terence said:

Only recently found out about Yuengling !! to bad !! i like that beer, but NO MORE and will spread the word,bye bye DICK !! aleast 30 cases a year

On 06/21/14 Donovan said:

One problem is that many small craft breweries don't have a Union. I was laid-off 2 years ago from my USW job. I decided to open a small brewery. Now I have 3 employees that I provide full benefits, retirement funding, and pay at 120% of the average wage for their position. If they decide to organize I would not stand in the way. I feel a well paid and compensated employee is a loyal and had working person. It is when you try to make your fortune on the backs of hard working people is when you have high turn over and people who don't care about their job. If more corporations would realize that if you pay people a decent wage they will go above and beyond for you.

On 03/30/14 anonymous said:

Anyone know if Lone Star and Lone Star Lite is Union Made? It says it is on the can out of Fort Worth. Just wondering since it is a more regional beer. Thanks

On 03/17/14 William said:

As a home brewer, it would be great to find out which supplier's are union.

On 03/12/14 anonymous said:

That's why I drink PBR, it's not only American made, it's American owned.

On 03/12/14 Ken said:

Who needs Yuengling beer when there are soooo many wonderful hand crafted beers available?

On 03/12/14 Richard said:

I'm a Union man - TWU 514 and a Schlitz drinker. I understand Schlitz is brewed by Pabst. If that's the case then I assume Schlitz is brewed by Union workers. If that's not right then please let me know. Schlitz has re-invented themselves and is a good beer but I would like to support Union brothers.

On 03/12/14 William said:

Worked UNION, retired UNION....This "Miller" is for you!!....Mike May, Al local UAW 1413 retiree

On 03/11/14 David said:

I have always looked for the Union Label all my working life, not only on beer but all products. As a Union retiree I would strongly recommend all union members take the time and effort to recognize our working brothers & sisters in purchasing only made in America/ Union made products...If we don't set an example how will the working public learn the importance of Labor's mission? D. Feld BCTGM25 Retired! (And Proud of It!)

On 01/21/14 Christopher said:

Just to add to a previous posy, Dick Yuengling has pledged his personal fortune (billions) to make Pennsylvania a Right to Work state.

On 12/01/13 Jen said:

Yuengling is definitely not union!! Quite the contrary! In fact, the billionaire owner. Dick Yuengling, who inherited the business, is a tireless activist who speaks out at every opportunity for the enactment of Right to Work legislation. There is an active boycott campaign ongoing as a result.

On 11/11/13 David said:

Raised UNION, worked UNION, and retired UNION...Web sites like this helps ol guys like me support UNION workers. Proust to solidarity! Dave Feld, TN Local25 BCTGM Retiree.

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