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AFL-CIO Union Plus benefits help current and retired labor union members and their families save money and support them through major milestones, celebrations and hardships. Learn More.
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You know about your union's collective bargaining power. We use the same collective negotiating strength of more than 13 million union members to negotiate solid values for consumer programs available from nationally known providers.

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The 7-step plan to stretch your savings in retirement

December 30, 2011 | Category: Consumer Tips | 0 comments |
Retirement planning2

Social Security and/or a union pension can provide steady retirement income, but it may not be enough to live as comfortably as you'd like. You'll probably need to draw on the money you've saved. But how do you transform a medley of investments into long-lasting income?

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Tips for paying for your child's college

December 27, 2011 | Category: Consumer Tips | 0 comments |
Financial aid

Paying for college is stressful, but knowing how financial aid works can reduce anxiety and make college more affordable. One of the biggest mistakes many families make is assuming they won't be eligible for financial aid. Don't fall into this trap. It could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

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Union Plus Scholarship deadline is January 31, 2012

December 20, 2011 | Category: Deals & Discounts | 0 comments |
National labor college scholarship program

Holiday break is the perfect time to check this off your list of things to do. And it could mean $500-$4,000 to help pay for college next year.

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UFCW member fulfills her dream with a Union Plus Scholarship

December 19, 2011 | Category: Union Member Stories | 0 comments |
Up scholarship ufcw member

Vera Wolfenbarger, UFCW Local 8, tells how a Union Plus Scholarship is helping her fulfill her dream of becoming a speech pathologist.

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Let YOUR voice be heard â€" 9 Demands of the 99%

December 12, 2011 | Category: Union Issues | 0 comments |
9 demands petition

It's time we get America working again. The AFL-CIO is partnering with Working America in the 9 Demands of the 99% campaign. Americans are tired of being part of the 99% in a country that only works for the 1%. Join the movement and tell Wall Street and corporate America what you want.

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Striking Verizon Worker gets union mortgage assistance

December 8, 2011 | Category: Union Member Stories | 0 comments |
Verizon strike mortgage assistance cwa

When Communications Workers of America (CWA) members at Verizon went on strike last August, Mitchell Jakuboski remembered the strike in 1989 that lasted 17 weeks. But this time he had a home and family. So as he grabbed his picket sign, Jakuboski called Union Plus.

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Gift idea for hard-to-please teens

December 6, 2011 | Category: Deals & Discounts | 0 comments |
Prepaid card gift

Not sure what to give a hard-to-please teenager for Christmas? Give the Union Plus Prepaid Debit Card, then let them buy what they want online or in-store.

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9 tips for safer online holiday shopping

December 5, 2011 | Category: Consumer Tips | 0 comments |
Online safety

Doing your holiday shopping online has time- and money-saving benefits. E-commerce sites are open 24/7.  They also make comparison shopping a breeze and offer great bargains. Here are 9 tips to make your online shopping experience as safe as it is convenient and budget-conscious.

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