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An app to find a new pet and an app to keep them safe

Posted on April 25, 2013
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Pets are the best! There's no finer remedy for reducing stress than a few minutes rolling around with your furry friend. However, bringing a new pet home, as well as keeping track of them, can be overwhelming.

Luckily, there is an app to help you find your new pet, and an app to ensure you know where they are at all times. Check out these two apps that every pet owner must have:

Looking for a new pet? Take a Paw-sonality test!

When you are looking for a new pet, the traditional method of adopting a pet that matches your lifestyle can be challenging. While browsing through ads and looking through shelters, you may find that very few pets are compatible with your attitude specifically.

Petango's Find a Pet iPhone App takes the guesswork out of the process by providing an adoption service right on your iPhone. This app will allow you to find pets by searching for the kind of pet you want; allowing you to search by breed, age, gender and even size.

Full pet profiles are available complete with descriptions as well as shelter information of where the animal is being kept, complete with maps and contact info. You can easily call the shelter with a simple tap of the provided phone number -- and you're on your way to adopting your new best friend!

If you don't want to search throughout North America but want to centralize your search to local shelters and rescue groups, this app will allow you to do just that. Petango provides full profiles of each shelter along with maps and contact info -- all at your fingertips. 

Want to keep track of your pet? There's an app for that!

For every pet lover, your animal is not just another dog or cat, they're part of your family. Every pet owner's worst fear is your favorite lap buddy bolting out your open door, never-to-be-seen again.

Tagg Pet Tracker is a GPS attachment for your dog's collar that will ensure you never lose your best friend again. Using the Tagg app is more effective than a pet microchip alone, because the Tagg GPS will show you visually on your smart phone map where your dog is located on a map any time you desire. By measuring your dog's movement, you can also check to make sure your dog is getting the vet-recommended exercise. 

Union Plus Pet Services

Pet owners adore their furry friends but know how much pet ownership can cost. Union members can enjoy Union Plus discounts and savings on Pet Insurance, Veterinarian Services, Pet Food, Medication and Supplies. Let us help you curb your pet ownership cost while protecting your pets.. and your wallet, too.

For a list of union-made pet food to be sent to your mobile device, text PETS to 22555.


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