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Union family saves $800 with Union Plus Energy Savings rebate

Posted on December 7, 2012
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Atu energy savings grant

Wayne Bowers, a member of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), Local 1300 and his wife, Sheila, were fed up with constantly raising their thermostat, wearing heavy sweaters inside their home, and paying high heating bills every winter. So, they decided to tackle the pesky - and expensive - draft at its source by replacing the front door and side panels of their house in Bel Air, Maryland.

"The cost of replacing our front door and side panels was a lot more expensive than I expected, but in the long run, I knew we had to do something," says Sheila Bowers, whose husband, Wayne, has been an ATU member for almost 30 years.

The Bowers family had tapped into the Union Plus education savings program last year when their oldest son went off to college, so they were familiar Union Plus programs. Sheila Bowers was thrilled when she visited and discovered the Union Plus Energy Savings Rebate program*. Not only did the Bowers family received $500 in rebates, they also enjoyed an energy-related tax credit and are now saving about $360 a year in on their utility bills.

The Union Plus Energy Savings Rebate Program offers $100 rebates for every $400 spent on energy-related home improvements using the Union Plus Credit Card. "When you're making renovations, it's easy for the costs to mount. I'm grateful that Union Plus helped us save," says Bowers.

"I am amazed about how easy it is to save money with the Union Plus programs. It's like 'found money.' Not only do we benefit from the wonderful rebate savings programs available, but also from the cash-back rewards for the purchases as well," Bowers says. "The rebate money we received can help pay for Christmas gifts, vacations or just monthly expenses. I think it's great that Union Plus helps union families pay for things like home improvements and education-related expenses."

Other examples of energy-related products or upgrades that would qualify for a Union Plus Energy Savings Rebate include new programmable thermostats, large appliances with an "Energy Star" efficiency rating, and/or new heating or cooling units (HVAC).

"I love Union Plus discounts so much that I have signed up to get mobile alerts," adds Bowers. "I don't want to miss any opportunity to save, especially when it is such an easy and straightforward process. There were no hidden requirements or lengthy paperwork involved. I would encourage everyone to take a moment to see what's being offered by Union Plus and take advantage of these benefits."

Union members can receive Union Plus savings alerts on their mobile phones by texting "UNION" to 22555.

*Limited time offer: The Union Plus Energy Savings Rebate program will end on March 31, 2013.

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