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Union Plus Disability Grants help union members when they are off the job

Posted on February 21, 2014
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Kurt stewart horiz web

Having grown up on one of the many farms that blanket much of the state, Kurt Stewart, of Malcolm, Neb., possesses a strong work ethic that few can match.

For 25 years, his dedication has served him well with the United Steelworkers (USW) Local 286. But when an illness temporarily forced Stewart off the job, he was relieved to learn that he was eligible to apply for a Union Plus Disability Grant

"It's a tough situation when you're not able to work. Money gets tight, and the stress level is already high because you're dealing with health concerns," Stewart says.


Help when he needed it most

"The Union Plus Disability Grant was a big help. Even though I have been in the union for a long time, I never knew that assistance grants were available to eligible union members who carry a Union Plus Credit Card. I was skeptical that we would actually get help, and was surprised when the check arrived in the mail." 

Union Plus provides a range of unique assistance programs* to help eligible Union Plus Credit Card holders who are facing hardship. Disability Grants of $1600 to $2700 are available to Union Plus Credit Card holders who have had the card for three months or more and who meet the eligibility requirements. 


Back to work on the job and for his union 

Stewart, a counter operator at a local manufacturing plant and an activist with his union, was out of work for about seven months last year due to an illness. And he knows first-hand just how quickly being off the job can take a toll on a family's finances. In addition to last year's illness-related absence, Stewart was off the job in 2006 when his union was on strike for four months. 

"It's never easy to be out of work when you have a family to support, but I'm glad that I've always had solid job security. For 25 years the union has provided me with a good job, with good benefits," says Stewart, who earlier this year returned to his union job at a Goodyear subsidiary that produces automotive parts.

Do you carry a Union Plus Credit Card? They feature Disability, Job Loss, Strike, and Hospital Grants for eligible cardholders, plus, a competitive rate and all customer service calls are answered in the U.S. You can learn more by visiting


More than 40 benefits built for union members

Also available to eligible union members is the Union Plus Mortgage program, which provides a range of assistance programs, including interest-free loans and grants to help you make mortgage payments when you're disabled, or become unemployed.

Over the life of the Union Plus mortgage assistance program, more than $10.1 million in assistance has been provided to union members. 

At you can learn more about these programs, as well as the Union Plus benefits and services that are available to all union members and retirees. These include legal services, credit counseling, health savings programs, and the Save My Home Hotline


*Certain restrictions, limitations, and qualifications apply to these grants. Additional information and eligibility criteria can be obtained at
Credit approval required. Terms & Conditions apply. Union Plus Credit Cards issued by Capital One, N.A. 



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