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How to Position Union Plus Benefits on Your Union Website

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Union members are interested in learning about their benefits, and many visit their union websites to find out more.

Now, put yourself in an average user's shoes. Pretend you're interested in joining the union - or seeing what the union has to offer you because you're a member.

  • Where would you find information on your site?
  • How many clicks does it take to get you there?
  • Does that section of your site include Union Plus benefits information?
  • If only the name "Union Privilege" or "Union Plus" is listed on your site, would the average user know what that meant?

Following are 3 tips that have worked for other local unions who inform their members about the benefits online:

  1. Develop a "Member Benefits" section on your union web site. Avoid labels that your users won't understand - e.g. Union Privilege Programs. Instead, use more descriptive text like "Money-saving benefits for union members".

    A benefits section lets your members know the value union membershipbrings to them. In this section, you can provide information not only on Union Plus programs, but your other union benefits. We also recommend using our brand name "Union Plus" instead of Union Privilege and the URL: www.unionplus.org.

    Within your "Member Benefits" section, you can include a list of short descriptions for all your union's Union Plus programs on your site. Use these simple automated tools for inserting benefits descriptions and your list of Union Plus benefits will ALWAYS be up-to-date.

  2. Avoid burying the Union Plus link in an "Other Links" list or "Resources" page with many other links. Union Plus benefits are often an integral part of the reason union members sign up for and/or retain their union membership. So tying the Union Plus programs into main sections of your site will attract more users to the benefits of union membership.

    Post an automated web banner on your home page - it's easy!

    If you want to feature specific banners for benefits your member's particularly like, please use the following:

  3. Stay informed about new and updated Union Plus benefits by signing up for the Union Plus Leader Update. Sign up for the free monthly e-newsletter at www.UnionPlus.org/Enews.

Need help or have suggestions? Email leaders@unionprivilege.org or call the Union Leader Line at 1-800-472-2005 (8:30 am - 4:30 pm ET, M-F) or 202-293-5330 in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

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