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You know about your union's collective bargaining power. We use the same collective negotiating strength of more than 13 million union members to negotiate solid values for consumer programs available from nationally known providers.

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Things we're thankful for this holiday season

November 19, 2014 | Category: Union Member Stories | 0 comments |

At Union Plus, we're thankful to have resources that can help union families facing financial hardship. Read more after the jump!

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6 quotes about the Union Plus Credit Card

November 10, 2014 | Category: Union Member Stories | 0 comments |

Union members! Make sure to check out all the Union Plus Credit Card options and pick the one that suits you by clicking here. To read more about these union members, and stories like them, check out union member story section of our blog here >>. 

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Vice President of AFT Louisiana appreciates all that his Union Plus Credit Card has to offer

November 7, 2014 | Category: Union Member Stories | 0 comments |
Even the biggest skeptics can have a change of heart. Just ask long-time union member Leo Laventhal. More after the jump. Read more

Home ownership by any other name wouldn’t smell as sweet without a free mortgage payment says Union Plus contest winner

October 20, 2014 | Category: Union Member Stories | 0 comments |

Union Plus contest makes home ownership a lot sweeter for Carrie Comer, a union Chicago teacher who just won the Union Plus Home Sweet Home contest.

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Union Plus Insurance assists IATSE member during time of need

October 3, 2014 | Category: Union Member Stories | 0 comments |

Read how Union Plus Insurance helped this union member through Hurrican Sandy after the jump.

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CWA member wins first place in home sweet home contest, receives two monthly mortgage payments

September 29, 2014 | Category: Union Member Stories | 0 comments |

When life circumstances forced her to sell her house a couple years ago, Debra Weischedel wanted to get into another one as quickly as possible. More after the jump.

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IBEW member gets mortgage assistance— thanks to the power of Union Plus

September 26, 2014 | Category: Union Member Stories | 1 comment |

After spending more than six months without work, twice, Eric Hudson was able to keep making mortgage payments with help from Union Plus. 

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Questions? Concerns? Talk to our Member Advocate, bringing union quality customer service

September 11, 2014 | Category: Union Member Stories | 0 comments |

A big part of Union Plus customer service is the Union Member Advocate â€" and we'd like to tell you more about the current person in this position. Flying from Florida to Washington, D.C. in 2008, Carl Calabro became the Member Advocate for Union Plus to continue his work fighting on behalf of union members. The Member Advocate listens to your concerns and ensures you are getting the highest quality service from your 40+ Union Plus benefits. Union Plus is constantly learning how to better serve union members.

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$500 from Union Plus gives union member a warm welcome to her new home

September 9, 2014 | Category: Union Member Stories | 0 comments |

For most people, buying a home means making some wonderful new memories. But for Gloria Barajas of Chula Vista, Calif., and California School Employees Association (CSEA) Chapter 731, the house she was buying already came with precious memories in every room. It was her family home, the one she grew up in, and she was buying it from her own father—so she wasn’t going to settle for just any mortgage. She chose the Union Plus Mortgage program, the one that’s just for union members with financing provided by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, and received a $500 First Time Home Award to welcome her home.

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AFGE Member Saves with AT&T

August 21, 2014 | Category: Union Member Stories | 1 comment |
Maurice Lewis has been living in Memphis, Tenn., for 27 years --€" only two years longer than he's been a union member with the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Local 3731 working in the federal prison system. Lewis likes Memphis' low cost of living, and by taking advantage of the Union Plus AT&T Rebate Program and upgrading to a new smartphone, he has even more money in his pocket to enjoy another perk about living in Memphis -- the weather. Read more

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