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What's Next in Your Education?

Union Plus is proud to announce the launch of our Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program. We know that taking steps to further your education can be intimidating, but we’re here to help, by minimizing costs and maximizing your opportunities.


Low Cost — High Reward

We’ve partnered with Central State University (CSU) to help union members and their families complete their bachelor’s degree online for little to no cost.

The most you will pay out of pocket is $4,500 per year and for many, the cost will be a lot less or even zero*.

If you have an Associate Degree or 60 credit hours in your intended major, then you’re ready to enroll!

Don’t delay — classes begin every eight weeks and next classes start on January 13, 2020!


Start with an Associate Degree for Free with Union Plus Free College

If you’re interested in completing your Associate Degree, the Union Plus Free College Program, brought to you in partnership with AFSCME, allows you to earn an Associate Degree — completely online, for FREE!

Then, you can easily transfer into the Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program at CSU.

Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program

Complete your bachelor's degree online for little to no cost!
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*The students’ final out-of-pocket cost is based on CSU’s current tuition and fee schedule. In the event of a future tuition and/or fee rate change, advance notice will be provided.