Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program
Anyone who has an application on file prior to June 22 and who meets the eligibility requirements, will have the opportunity to start the fall term on August 17 under the same terms of the free college extension.

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Instantly access your FREE Union Plus Benefits Package -- Including Free College, Vision, Prescription and Hearing Savings.

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Free Legal Document Review and Consultations

MetLife Legal Plans is offering no-cost document reviews and consultations through July 31, 2020.


Fourth of July Auto Deals

Big Fourth of July car buying deals are available to union members!


Union Plus Hardship Benefits

Union Plus offers a variety of hardship benefits to union members in need.


We believe Black Lives Matter.

We value the lives of black people.
We denounce racism.
We stand against hatred.


How it works:

The Union Plus Promise


We stand union-strong with the 13+ million union members to negotiate exclusive programs and prices.

Unique Benefits and Savings

If you're a union family, your unique benefits and savings can be accessed today, including discounts on AT&T, travel, entertainment, hardship help grants and scholarships. No Union Plus membership required!

Social Responsibility

Union Plus is a non-profit created by the AFL-CIO thirty years ago. When you use Union Plus benefits, you're supporting the labor movement — ensuring that you and your fellow union members remain union-strong for generations to come!