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AFT Member Finds Financial Relief with Union Plus

Tammy Clark, an AFT member in New Jersey, sought financial relief in the face of intimidating credit card debt. Enrolling in a customized Debt Management Plan through the Union Plus Credit Counseling program paid off.

When AFT Local 1766 member Tammy Clark needed some financial help, Union Plus had her back.

“I had some high credit card bills I was trying to minimize,” she says of her decision to seek outside support. 

Clark first learned about Union Plus Credit Counseling while thumbing through a benefits brochure from her local. 

AFT members are eligible for a free consumer credit counseling session through Union Plus, offered in partnership with the non-profit Money Management International (MMI). 

After her free initial session, Clark enrolled in a customized debt management plan designed by a certified consumer credit counseling advisor. Union Plus offers a Debt Management Plan (DMP) through the Credit Counseling program and pays for the enrollment fee on behalf of the member.  

“Everything was easy to set up,” Clark continues. “The people I spoke with were very helpful and explained everything.” 

With her plan in place, she could take debt management off her mind.  

“Now I have everything set up so it’s easy. [The debt management plan] has been lowering my credit card debt significantly.”

After one year of successful participation in the program, Clark was eligible to receive a $360 Union Plus Debt Management Plan (DMP) grant to reimburse the monthly MMI program fees.  

“I [filled] out a simple form and got a check within a few weeks,” she notes.

Clark believes the program will help her pay off her debt 10 to 15 years faster than she was originally projecting. 

“It’s a great program that helps lower payments for credit cards to get the interest down and help you get them paid off sooner. I definitely recommend it,” she says happily.

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