Union Plus
Strike Benefits

Grants and benefits to support you during a strike

We’re here to help when union members are on strike. Check out our strike benefits below. 


Strike grants give you money when you need it most

Get cash with a strike grant. Unlike a loan, you'll never need to repay the money. If you have a Union Plus Credit Card or Teamster Privilege Credit Card or a Union Plus Personal Loan, you may eligible for a grant.

Look what people are saying

I’ve had [a Union Plus Credit Card] for over 10 years now. It can provide a one-time strike grant for eligible cardholders who are on [union-sanctioned] strike.

Richard W. USW, Local 8565

It was nice knowing that the union understands that workers need special help during a strike.

Wayne A. IBEW

What I’m so impressed by is the fact that Union Plus is providing benefits for and actually caring about hard-working Americans.

Meesha T. AFT Member

Need help?

Please visit our Union Plus Grants FAQ. Please send additional questions to grants@unionplus.org.

*Not all unions are eligible for Strike Grants.