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The Union Plus Hearing program offers exclusive savings on hearing care including virtual screenings, a free hearing exam and an average of 66% off retail on trusted hearing aid brands*.

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Our specialists are available at (877)583-7071.

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Hearing solutions for the whole family

Your union family savings and discounts include:

  • A free hearing exam
  • Unlimited follow-up care for one year
  • Multiple brand names, state-of-the-art hearing aids — deeply discounted to as low as $695 each.

Plus, your aftercare support also includes a 60-day risk-free trial1, a three-year warranty (including loss and damage)2, and a two-year battery supply or a free charging station3 (depending on type of hearing aid purchased).

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Take our online hearing quiz

If you're having trouble hearing, let's figure it out together. Take our quick, online quiz to find out if it's time to talk to a hearing professional.

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Get a virtual hearing screening

One of our dedicated care advocates can conveniently confirm your hearing loss virtually, before you have an in-person diagnostic evaluation.

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Visit one of our 6,000+ locations for a professional hearing evaluation and treatment recommendation.

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Today's hearing aids are small and packed with powerful technology to make sure you don't miss a beat (literally).

Save big on trusted hearing aid brands

Save hundreds on affordable, state-of-the-art hearing aid brands including: Amplifon (via Miracle Ear), Oticon, Phonak, Resound, Rexton, Signia, Sonic, Starkey, Unitron and Widex.

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Call (877) 583-7071 (Monday – Friday 7am – 8pm (CST) to speak with one of our hearing care advocates.

We realize that sometimes you may need help with a concern about using a Union Plus program. The Union Plus Member Advocacy Program, staffed by OPEIU Local 2 members, is here to help you resolve any problems. Contact us at 800-472-2005 (8:30 a.m.  - 4:30 p.m. ET, weekdays) or  online.

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*Based on internal 2022 MSRP analysis. Your savings may vary.
1100% money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied, no return or restocking fees.
2Exclusions and limitations may apply. Contact Amplifon 877-583-7071 for details.
3Two-year supply of batteries (80 cells/ear/year) or one standard charger at no additional cost.