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18 union pets who are having the most summer fun

Posted on July 30, 2013
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Summer fun pet

Summer is the best for pets, right?

Whether playing fetch in the park, taking long strolls on the beach, or enjoying marvelous naps in the sun, your union pet has never been happier. But we all know the summer months are quickly passing, the school bells are soon to be ringing, and chilling memories of colder months are promptly approaching. 
Don't worry, it's not too late to make the most of summer! As over 1100 union members have already submitted photos of their pets to the Union Plus Pet Photo Contest (Don't wait! Photo submissions ends August 8th), many of their four-legged labor friends are demonstrating the right state of mind for a great summer time.

Before it's too late, learn the lessons from these 18 pets so that you too can seize your summer.


And don't forget that union members can have even more fun by saving 10% on pet insurance, 25% on veterinary services, and 10% on pet food, toys and other supplies.


First of all, GET OUT OF BED!!!



If you need it, enjoy a BIG cup of union-made coffee to get your day going.


Once you (finally) get moving, invite your friends to go out. Even if it takes a little begging…


…or a lot of begging.


But don't idly rush out the door. Taking your time can take your summer chic to new heights.


Because when your secret crush walks by, you don't want to have to hide.



Make sure to always go out of your way to make new friends.


Even if it's a bit of a stretch.


And did you say it's too hot? Just go to the beach!


Inclement weather? The pool has never been better!



You could swim some laps…



…or just get some well deserved R&R.


And if you're not quite in bikini shape, just hop on a bike for some crazy cardio.


Because who knows, you may find you love the outdoors…


…or can't get ENOUGH of it.



You may even cross something off your bucket list, like climbing a mountain.


Whatever you do, DO NOT sit idly and let summer pass you by.


Because soon enough, the leaves will fall as soon as they grew, and summer will be on your mind as a rake is in your hands.

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