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CSEA Mother knows best when it comes to union benefits and savings

Posted on June 4, 2013
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Selena paez ipad mini winner

While some may dismiss "Mother knows best" as an overused cliché, Selena Paez, a member of California School Employees Association (CSEA) Chapter 767, has reason to support the phrase's validity. In this case, "Mother" is a union leader who steered her daughter to the Union Plus website to discover consumer discounts that make a difference.

Taking her mom's advice, Selena is now on track to knock more than $200 annually off her cell phone bill. She also won an iPad Mini by simply spreading the word about the Union Plus AT&T 15% discount available to union members.

"In so many ways, it pays to be a union member," says CSEA Chapter 767's Selena Paez.

"My mom (Selene Thornton) knows everything about the union and considers it her job to help union members as much as she can. So when she told me to check out college scholarships information available on the Union Plus website, I knew I had to take her advice," explains Paez. "While I was on the site, I noticed there was a promotion highlighting how union members could save 15% on AT&T wireless plans."

Paez a 24-year-old clerical assistant at Mount San Jacinto College in Riverside County, CA, was eager to chalk up savings:  "I'm working full-time and pursuing a bachelor's degree. It's difficult financially because college tuition and books are so expensive. I'm also planning a wedding, which means I like to save money when and where I can. I never realized that I could get an AT&T discount just for being a union member."

Paez is now enjoying savings of about $20 each month with the Union Plus AT&T 15% discount.

Most importantly, Paez did even more than just ease her budget. She is also supporting the 40,000 Communications Workers of America (CWA) members who work for AT&T, the only national unionized wireless company in the U.S.  

In addition to the 15% discount on select individual and family plans, union members who carry the Union Plus Credit Card can receive up to $250 in rebates for switching from a non-union carrier to all-union AT&T and for buying a new smartphone with AT&T service.

While on the Union Plus website, Paez also discovered she could be eligible to win an iPad Mini just by telling fellow members how Union Plus and AT&T are teaming up to save union members money on their monthly wireless bills. To participate in the contest, union members were asked to send a special coupon to their union sisters and brothers.
Paez wasted no time sending a blast email to 15 colleagues and asked them, in turn, to pass along the news of the savings. "It feels good to know that some people who read my email took advantage of the savings that were available to them," says Paez.

"It was exciting to let people know how they could save money so easily. In so many ways, it pays to be a union member," says Paez, who hopes to follow in her mom's footsteps and become a union officer someday.  

Paez wasn't the only one who followed the old AT&T slogan to "reach out and touch someone."  Close to 2,500 union members entered the contest.

It wasn't long after she sent her blast email that Paez found herself on the receiving end of an email about the Union Plus AT&T promotion. "I couldn't believe it when I read that I had won the iPad Mini. I felt like I was already a winner because I had saved so much money through the Union Plus AT&T wireless discount, but winning an iPad Mini too was really amazing."

Paez's  iPad Mini, with AT&T data service of course, is helping her to manage her college coursework, get ideas for her upcoming nuptials, and keep track of union meetings and other events. "I love it! It's lightweight, so I can slip it into my purse and take it with me everywhere I go. Thanks, Union Plus!"

Union Plus provides some 40 money-saving benefits, consumer discounts and education resources to union members and their families. To learn more about the AT&T Wireless service discount and to see the wide array of Union Plus benefits available to CSEA members, please text UNION to 22555 or visit

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