Pet Health Insurance

Save up to 90% on your pet’s vet bills.

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Do You Want to get Reimbursed on Your Pet’s Vet Bills?

Union Plus has chosen Pets Best, a leading U.S. provider, to offer pet insurance plans to their members. Pets Best was founded by a veterinarian in 2005 and has paid over $125 million in pet insurance claims to pet parents just like you. 

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance reimburses you on your veterinary bills when your dog or cat gets sick or injured. Pet insurance helps you afford the best course of treatment, protects against major financial setbacks, and can give you peace of mind as a pet parent. Having a pet insurance plan allows you to focus on getting the best care for your pet without worrying about the financial burden. 

  • Save Money
    As a union member, you’ll get up to a 10% discount.*
  • No Networks
    Choose any licensed veterinarian, emergency vet, or specialist in the U.S.
  • Get Reimbursed Quickly
    Most claims processed within 5 days, so you’ll get reimbursed quickly.
  • Online Customer Account
    24/7 access to file claims, view claims status and history, change payment method, add pets to policy, policy documents, notifications and more. Add direct deposit so you’ll get your money back faster.

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What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Accident Only Plan

Pets Best offers a budget friendly Accident Only plan at only $6/month for cats and $9/month for dogs.

This plans covers virtually all accidental injuries, such as broken legs, snake bites, accidental swallowing, and more.

Accident Only plans do not cover medical issues such as illness or cancer, which are covered under our BestBenefit Accident and Illness plans.

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BestBenefit Accident and Illness Plans

The BestBenefit plan is the most popular and comprehensive, covering both accidents and illnesses.

Accident examples: Broken bones, lacerations, getting bitten by another animal, and more.

Illness examples: Cancer, ear infections, allergies, diabetes, and much more.

The cost is based on the pet’s age, breed and location. So you have to get a quote to see how much a plan will cost.

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Routine Wellness Plans

Wellness routine care coverage helps pay for your pets regular and expected veterinary visits for items like shots and teeth cleaning.

It's an excellent way to budget for your pet’s expected medical expenses, and especially important if you have a new kitten or a new puppy.

Wellness routine care plans can be added to either of the other two plans for an additional premium.

How it Works

You shouldn't have to worry about getting your pets the best veterinary treatment they deserve. Using pet insurance is as easy as 1-2-3:  

Get Treatment

When your pet becomes ill or injured, take them to the veterinarian. 

File a Claim

Pay your veterinarian, and then submit your receipt with a claim form to Pets Best.

Get Reimbursed

Pets Best processes most claims within five (5) days, then reimburses you on that vet bill for eligible covered expenses.

To note: pre-existing conditions are not covered.

*5% Group Discount plus 5% Weblink Discount applies to BestBenefit plans; discounts available in most states; Weblink Discount applies to first policy term only.

Pet insurance coverage offered and administered by Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC is underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company.