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How to Sell Your Home on a Budget

With a little effort, you can minimize your expenses when selling your home. Spruce up your home with these tips and get more for it. 

It’s always nice to actually make money when selling your home, but some of us aren’t always in that position. Here are some cheap and easy tips for how you can spruce up your home and get top dollar at the closing table.

Do Some Yard Work, First Impressions Count

  • Keep the lawn mowed, preferably on the diagonal
  • The color yellow sells – plant yellow flowers such as marigolds along the walkway or by the front door
  • Wash the exterior windows
  • Paint or replace the front door and buy new hardware
  • Power spray the house to get rid of dirt and cobwebs
  • Buy a new welcome mat for the front steps
  • Paint or replace the mailbox


  • Remove all personal photographs from the tables and walls. Patch holes in the walls or hang non-personalized artwork over the existing nails
  • Pack up your bookcase (you’re going to move anyway)
  • Clean out the closets and store non-essential items

Clean, Clean, Clean…Your Kitchen

  • If new granite is out of your budget, consider either re-grouting the kitchen counter tiles, which is surprisingly cost effective, or covering them with granite tiles instead of granite slab
  • For wood cabinets, stripping the finish and re-staining or painting will save you more money than re-surfacing the cabinets
  • Buy new knobs and/or pulls for the cabinet doors
  • Replace a worn kitchen faucet
  • Buy a new kitchen sink basket strainers
  • Consider installing kitchen pendant lights over the sink

With these quick and budget-friendly tips, you’ll be on your way to maximizing the value of your home and one step closer to the closing table.

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