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Legal Plans 101: What You Should Know About Legal Plans

Lawyers are very expensive, save on legal costs with the all new Union Plus Legal Program. For a low monthly fee you can have access to experienced attorneys for a range of legal matters. 

When most people think of legal issues, they think of criminal matters. But did you know that 54% of people experienced a legal event over the course of a year? Considering that the hourly rate to see an attorney can cost upwards of $338 an hour, it can be very expensive to seek legal help when these issues occur.

That’s where a legal plan comes in. A legal plan provides access to attorneys for help with personal legal matters all for a low monthly cost. 

Ask yourself the following questions to learn more about whether a legal plan is right for you.

Do I Need a Legal Plan? 

Because legal matters often have a negative connotation to them, many people don’t think they have a need for legal help. But in reality, expected and unexpected legal issues happen every day. Do you plan to buy or sell a home? Expand your family? Is caring for aging parents in your future? If any of these issues are on the horizon for you, you will likely need the help of an attorney. Not to mention, all of the unexpected issues that can arise, from identity theft to tax audits or disputes with a neighbor or landlord. If you had to pay for an attorney out of pocket for help with these issues, could you afford it? 

How Do I Find an Attorney, and Can I Use Any Attorney I Want?

One of the biggest benefits of a legal plan is that it takes the work out of finding an attorney. With MetLaw, when you use our Attorney Locator to connect to an attorney in our network, you know that the attorney has been vetted. Attorneys in the MetLaw network are required to have at least eight years of experience in the practice of law, have graduated from an accredited law school and hold a valid state license as well as have experience in matters covered under our legal plans. You also always have the option to use an attorney outside of our network and be reimbursed for some of the costs if that is more convenient.

Are Services Fully Covered, or Just Discounted?

Although discounts are great, seeing an attorney is very expensive. To get the help you need for your legal matters, you should have access to fully covered services. You shouldn’t have to pay significant out-of-pocket costs to fight a traffic ticket or get help with a debt collection matter, those matters should be covered in full under your plan. With the MetLaw plan, services are fully covered for many common personal legal matters, meaning everything from the initial consultation to drafting and reviewing documents and representation in court, if necessary, is covered by your monthly fee. There are no co-pays or deductibles.

Do Legal Plans Cover Court Representation? 

The legal plan covers representation in court for many common personal legal matters. Attorneys can make appearances for traffic tickets, debt matters, or attend a tax audit or juvenile court hearing.

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