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Pets and Halloween: Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe

It’s Halloween, and there’s no reason that you can’t celebrate "All Hallow’s Eve" with the entire family, including your four-legged friends. Whether you keep your pets indoors to enjoy the visiting trick-or-treaters, or bring them along on your trek for treats, make sure that your celebration is safe and fun for everyone.

Choose the Right Pet Costume
  • Make sure that nothing is too tight, especially around the neck and never over the snout. You don’t want to create a choking hazard, or restrict breathing in any way. 
  • Make sure the costume doesn’t interfere with your pet’s movement, and make sure that your pet can see clearly. 
  • Don't force your pet to wear a costume. You should be able to tell when your pet is not happy or uncomfortable, so don't let the holiday spirit override the special ways your pet communicates with you. 
Take Your Pet Trick-or-Treating
  • Make sure your pet is leashed at all times, with a collar and current identification. 
  • As always, micro-chipping your pet is a good idea.
  • Remember that you and your pet will be encountering some spooky sights and sounds, so be diligent in case your pet gets scared. 
  • Keep an eye out for candy on the ground because your dog may want to gobble up candy that is not going to be safe for your pet to eat. 
Know Your Candy Safety
  • Dogs and cats should never eat chocolate or raisins, and most candy has too much sugar for your pet to eat safely and could lead to an upset stomach. 
  • Candy and candy wrappers can also pose choking hazards, so always keep an eye on your pet, especially if you have small children who may leave uneaten candy or wrappers out. 
  • If you think your pet has eaten something toxic, call your veterinarian immediately for a consultation. Try to determine what was eaten, and the quantity to assist pet care professionals. 
Prepare Your Home For Trick-or-Treaters
  • Make sure your pet is never alone outside, and is kept away from the doorway if your pet is easily spooked.
  • Only you know how comfortable your pet is when visitors ring your doorbell, so take steps to keep your pet calm and limit stress. If your pet gets anxious when the doorbell rings, consider disconnecting the doorbell for Halloween or place a sign on the door asking trick-or-treaters to knock. 
  • After the festivities are over, check to make sure any gates are closed before you let your pet out into your yard. You want to make sure that your last trick-or-treater did not leave the gate open, which could allow your pet to escape. 
Find Pet Friendly Events
  • For some pets, Halloween is the perfect time to dress up and enjoy the festivities. Many neighborhoods have family events and often welcome pets. 
  • There are also many Halloween pet parades and events especially for pets. For example, the Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in New York City attracts hundreds of dogs and thousands of spectators each year since 1990. 
Keep the Scary Out of Halloween 
  • Keep in mind that Halloween can be extremely stressful for some pets because of so many strangers, in strange costumes, coming by your house.
  • If you have Halloween decorations, make sure that they don’t pose any risk to your furry family members, especially curious pets who will want to investigate, smell, touch and possibly eat decorations. 

The holidays are always more enjoyable when the entire family can be together, and your pets are an important part of the family. With a few precautions, Halloween can be fun and safe, as well as create memories to cherish forever.

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