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Top Ten Summer Road Trip Tips

Planning a road trip this summer? Before you hit the road, make sure you check out these top 10 tips to ensure your travel is safe, fun and stress-free! 

Top Ten Summer Road Trip Tips


  1. Tend to your tires.
    Check your tire pressure - and check it often. Also, make sure that you have season-appropriate tires on your car.  Use your union member Union Plus Goodyear Coupon for car tune-ups and new tires, including union-made tires.

  2. Stay on top of your fluids.
    Oil and coolant are the two key fluids during the summer months to keep your car cool and running smoothly. And in the winter, anti-freeze is a key fluid to monitor.

  3. Give the rest of your car a once-over.
    Check the battery, belts, and hoses or have a mechanic do so before you head off on that cross country trip. Also, make sure your wipers are ready and don't forget your windshield wiper fluid.

  4. Prepare an emergency kit for your car.
    Keep the number of Union Plus Motor Club - 24 Hour Emergency Automotive Roadside Assistance Plan handy.

  5. Pack smart.
    Keep snacks, drinks, and sandwiches handy.

  6. Load smart.
    Don't block your view with a backseat piled high and keep the weight even for maximum handling.

  7. Stay awake.
    Switch drivers every few hours even if you don't think you are tired.

  8. Be careful when you tow.
    Check your owner's manual to make sure your vehicle is properly equipped to handle a trailer hitch for towing campers or trailers, and that it can handle the weight.

  9. Take the scenic route.
    Give yourself time to enjoy the ride.

  10. Be nice.
    Use your signals. Let faster drivers pass. Don't tailgate. Share: it's not your road.