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Great tips for road trips, part one

September 1, 2015 | Category: Consumer Tips | 0 comments |
Motor club   blog   09012015
Thinking about exploring a hidden gem here in the States, but not sure where to go or how to get started? We’ve got some ideas to help and for starters. Enjoy! Read more

New grant for vets helps AFSCME member buy first home

August 31, 2015 | Category: Union Issues | 0 comments |
08a carlos leon zk0a1125 small
Army veteran Carlos Leon--also an AFSCME Local 486 leader--is a solid example of the resiliency of the American worker. This former infantryman went from high school dropout to college grad and LA County Probation Officer. Find out how he got help from the new Union Plus Veterans Mortgage Grant program to become a happy new homeowner. Read more

The home loan process just got better

August 31, 2015 | Category: Deals & Discounts | 0 comments |
Loan blog 07222015
Through the Union Plus Mortgage program, with financing provided by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, you can take advantage of yourLoanTrackerSM from Wells Fargo to track your home loan’s progress and securely upload documents using your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Read more

New promotion that could save union members $1000s on a new home

August 29, 2015 | Category: Deals & Discounts | 0 comments |
Real estate
Union Plus Real Estate Rewards has a special promotion that union members can utilize to get the most bank for their buck! Union members assigned an agent through Sirva before September 30th will get the cash back offer of $60 for every $10,000 in home value! Read more

3 healthy habits for better sleep

August 29, 2015 | Category: Consumer Tips | 0 comments |
Sleeping tips  4

Sleep misses you. When you were younger, you two spent a lot more time together. But as an adult, handing kids back to school, planning for the upcoming holidays, and keeping up with fall sports, your relation-sleep has become much more distant. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 30% of employed US adults are getting less than six hours of sleep per night, and more than 40% among those who work at night.

Read more

How important is it to have a budget when buying a home?

August 27, 2015 | Category: Consumer Tips | 1 comment |

Buying a home is a personal goal. You need to have enough money to achieve it.

Read more

13 safety tips for drivers

August 24, 2015 | Category: Consumer Tips | 0 comments |
Driver safety
When you're behind the wheel, you're not only responsible for your own safety and those in your vehicle, you're also accountable for the safety of others on the road. Here are 13 safe driving tips for both new and experienced drivers. Share them with others in our family. Read more

Best house hunting checklists

August 20, 2015 | Category: Consumer Tips | 0 comments |
When buying a home, it’s important to look at all aspects of the home to make sure it’s in tip-top shape. If you’re buying an older home, you’ll probably notice more things that need to be updated. Either way, keeping a running checklist of things that need to be fixed will be a good way to start your negotiations with the seller. Read more

[QUIZ] The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA was formed!

August 20, 2015 | Category: Union Issues | 0 comments |
On August 22, 1945 Flight attendants form what is now known as the Association of Flight Attendants. These flight attendants were reacting to an industry in which women were forced to adhere to appearance requirements and many other degrading limitations. Read more

Last minute vacation deals

August 18, 2015 | Category: Deals & Discounts | 0 comments |
Last minute vacation   08182015
Whether working hard on the job or at home, you know when you just NEED a vacation. So, to help you keep your sanity, consider a last minute vacation before the summer is officially over, as well as these great travel discounts from Union Plus: Read more

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