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Labor unions today

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Today, unions continue serve the same purpose for which they were originally founded. CEO and executive compensation is skyrocketing, while the middle class suffers from layoffs, unemployment and stagnant wages. Average CEO total compensation at S&P 500 companies, according to the AFL-CIO 2010 Pay Watch, is over $11 million.

Current union agendas include increasing wages, raising the standard of living for the working class, ensuring safe working conditions, and increasing benefits for both workers and their families.

Workers need fair treatment today as much as ever


Unions are important because most corporations focus on creating profits at the expense of employees.

The nature of work in America is changing. Employers are trying to shed responsibility for providing health insurance, good pension coverage, reasonable work hours and job safety protections. Instead, companies are making workers' jobs and incomes less secure through downsizing, part-timing, contracting out, and sending jobs off-shore.

More than ever, working people need the collective voice and bargaining power unions provide to keep employers from making the workplace look as it did in the early nineteenth century.

Without collective representation, the threat of sweatshop conditions, unlivable wages and 70-hour work weeks may become a part of working America's future as well as its past.

Today and in the future, labor unions will continue to play an important role our country's work force and the quality of life for working families. If you are not a union member, you can learn about the benefits of fighting for the middle class in America.

America's working families need the representation, collective power, pride in work and fair treatment they in the workplace that they deserve.

Straight Talk from a Fellow Worker


  • Joseph Crane, CWA Local Union 7901

    Working people have a lot of concerns in this economy. They want decent pay. They want benefits. And of course they want job security. I tell them all the reasons why they need union representation.

    - Joseph Crane CWA 7901


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