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Bachelor’s Degree Completion Programs

Earn your bachelor’s degree at a low cost

Introducing the Central State Global Union Program, a partnership between Central State University’s online education program and Union Plus, to provide union members and their families with affordable higher education degrees.

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Bachelor's Degree Completion Programs

Beginning with the Summer 2023 term, Central State University will offer continuing and new students low-cost and debt-free options to complete their Bachelor’s Degree through Central State University’s online program, Central State Global. (Note, for continuing students, the existing Free College program will discontinue on May 13, 2023 and will be replaced with the Central State Global Union Program.)

The Central State Global Union Program provides financial aid, grants, and scholarships to eligible union members and their immediate families to help reduce their out-of-pockets costs.

This program is currently enrolling for the Summer and Fall terms.

Latest updates and contact information

If you need any assistance getting the information you need from Central State University, send an email explaining your issue to help@unionplus.org.