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Earn cash back on your home sale or purchase

Buying or selling a home? You can earn up to $500 cash back* for every $100,000 in home value when you use a participating real estate agent referred by SIRVA.

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How much money will you get back?

Union members earn on average $1,811.29** cash back when buying or selling a home with a referred real estate agent from SIRVA.

For every $100,000 in home value at closing, you earn up to $500 cash back after you close. Here are some cash back examples:

  • Your home value: $150,000. You earn $750.  

  • Your home value: $250,000. You earn $1,250.  

  • Your home value: $350,000. You earn $1,750.  

  • Your home value: $450,000. You earn $2,250.  


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Our agent helped us purchase our home. We just moved in a few days ago and she’s still helping us with stuff. They’re the most amazing agents we’ve worked with.

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What I’m so impressed by is the fact that Union Plus is providing benefits for and actually caring about hard working Americans.

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Ready to earn cash back?

To earn cash back when you buy or sell your home, use a participating real estate agent referred by SIRVA. Click the button below to get started.

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*Certain state restrictions apply to the real estate cash back program. To qualify for cash back reward (in cash back states), you must use a SIRVA-referred real estate agent. Program designed as a referral service to provide you the opportunity to select a real estate agent to meet your needs. You must evaluate the brokers, agents and their services and make selections and decisions based upon your best judgment, interest, priorities and concerns. Call 800-228-3097 or visit www.UP-RealEstateRewards.com for important program details and state restrictions. 

The minimum home value required for cash back or reduced commission is $75,000. There is  no monetary reward  for members, who use the program to buy a home, in non-cash back states. You must use a program-referred real estate agent in order to qualify for the cash back reward. 

**Based on total cash awarded from 1/1/21 to 12/31/21.

SIRVA is an independent provider of services. Union Plus is not affiliated with SIRVA and does not manage SIRVA or its programs.  SIRVA is paying Union Plus for advertising services including dissemination of information about SIRVA and its programs to participating unions and their members as well as participation in Union Plus events and programs.   

No referral, recommendation, service representation or exclusivity requirement is intended by the Union Plus’s mention or dissemination of the SIRVA name and delivery of this information to participating union members. 

It is important that you evaluate the information provided and make decisions based upon your own best interest, priorities, and concerns.