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The Union Plus Money & Credit Solutions program gives you a way to  build your credit and set you up for a strong financial future.

Build your credit + save without stress

Get ready to build your credit

The Union Plus Money & Credit Solutions program features SeedFi plans to give you a way to grow your money and get a leg up on the tomorrow you deserve.


Credit Builder Prime Plan

You don't need good credit — or any credit — and no credit check to apply for the Credit Builder Prime Plan!1

  • SeedFi adds money to your locked savings account: This acts as a small interest fee loan. You select the amount, as little as $10.
  • Repay SeedFi for the savings given: These payments help you build your credit!2
  • Repeat and access your $500: Every time you save $500, we give you access to it. Repeat these steps and keep your plan active to maximize impact. Learn more
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Banking services and loans are provided by SeedFi's banking partner, Cross River Bank, Member FDIC.

1Credit Builder Prime plans require that you open a line of credit and two no-fee savings accounts provided by SeedFi’s bank partner, Cross River Bank, Member FDIC. The savings accounts are opened as part of the application process.

2Using Credit Builder Prime does not guarantee an increase to your credit score, and individual results may vary. It's important to make on-time payments but other factors can affect your credit score, including performance on other credit accounts.