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Build the deal you want on a car you love

Get the tools and solutions that allow you to customize the car deal you want — on your terms, on your time, online from anywhere.

Build the deal you want on a car you love

TrueCar is dedicated to reinventing the car buying experience to be easy, straightforward and empowering from start to finish – with no surprises along the way. In fact, we want you to feel like you’re in complete control of your purchase at every turn, with the exact info you need, right when you need it.

Once you’ve found the car you want with the Union Plus Auto Buying Service, and have connected with a participating dealer, you then get to dial in the deal that works best for you. After completing a few short steps, you’ll get a unique Deal Code, which you can take to the dealer, online or in-person, to finalize the deal that’s right for you. Even better, your Deal Code is based on the dealer’s actual rates.

Value Your Trade

Have a car you’d like to trade in? The Union Plus Auto Buying Service, powered by TrueCar makes it easy to see what your car is worth, and get a real cash offer in seconds. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your vehicle and you can instantly receive a calculation of its value as well as a TrueCash Offer from a participating dealer. You can sell your car for cash or factor your TrueCash Offer into your final deal.

Calculate Your Personalized Monthly Payments Online

Next, you’ll choose how you’d like to purchase your vehicle – loan, lease or cash. If you opt for a loan or lease, our payment tool will crunch the numbers to give you accurate monthly payment information that includes taxes, fees, and trade-in offer, if you have one. From this point, you can further customize your monthly payment by entering your loan or lease preferences to see – in real-time – how it affects your payment estimate. And remember, TrueCar relies on actual financing inputs from dealers to help deliver accurate deal preferences.

For leased vehicles, you’ll enter:

  • Amount due at signing
  • Annual mileage allowance
  • Lease term preference
  • Credit Score

For vehicle loans, you’ll enter:

  • Desired down payment
  • Loan term preference
  • Credit Score

Understand Your Service and Protection Options

Now that you’ve arrived at your monthly payment “sweet spot,” you can start considering service and protection options. Ever wondered what Excess Wear & Use Protection covers? Or if you need GAP Insurance? Oftentimes, service and protection plans aren’t presented until the time and place of purchase. But with TrueCar, we can help you do your homework ahead of time, at your leisure, so you can learn about what each option entails, and which ones might work best for you.

Get Your Deal Code

And just like that, you’re done customizing your deal! At this point, you’ll get your unique Deal Code that you can take to the dealer. Or if you’d prefer, you can complete the process entirely from home, including the delivery of your vehicle, with participating Dealers. Either way, with the Union Plus Auto Buying Service, powered by TrueCar, you’re free to do as much, or as little, as you want online, from anywhere.

Do Even More from Home

Still need help or assistance? We’re here for you. Once you get your personalized Deal Code, you’ll still have the option to:

  • Ask a question
  • Schedule a test drive
  • Compare multiple deals
  • Save your deal so you can come back to it

Ready to get started? Simply visit unionplus.truecar.com to find and configure the car you want. Once you get connected to Certified Dealers that have your vehicle, you’re on your way to building the deal you want on the car you love.

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This adaptation of the original article was published by TrueCar.