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Celebrate National Picnic Day with Union-Made Food and Drinks

Celebrate National Picnic Day on April 23rd with union-made food and drinks. By hosting a union-friendly picnic, you'll be supporting union workers and a strong middle class.

Celebrate National Picnic Day with Union-Made Food and Drinks

April 23 is National Picnic Day, a day to celebrate the joys of eating outdoors with friends and family. What better way to celebrate than by using quality, union-made food and drinks?

Workers who have fought for and won better wages, benefits, and working conditions make union-made products. When you buy union-made, you're not only supporting a quality product, you're also supporting a strong middle class and a fair economy.

Need picnic ideas for union-made drinks and food?

  • Sandwiches: Bread, meat, cheese, and vegetables are all union-made products. You can make sandwiches or buy them from a local deli or grocery store.
  • Fruit: Fruit is a healthy and refreshing snack perfect for a picnic. You can buy fruit from a local farmer's market, or you can pick your fruit at a local orchard.
  • Snacks: A large variety of union-made snacks are available at your local grocery and convenience stores.
  • Drinks: There are many union-made drinks available, such as soda, water, juice, and beer.

When you pack your picnic basket this National Picnic Day, include some union-made food and drinks. You'll be supporting a good cause and enjoying a delicious meal.

Tips for planning a union-friendly picnic:

  • Do your research. Before you head to the store, take some time to research union-made products. 
  • Talk to your local grocery store. Let your local grocery store know that you're interested in buying union-made products. They may be able to stock more union-made products if they know there's a demand for them.
  • Support your local union shops. When you're in your community, support your local union shops. These shops sell union-made products and support union workers.

Picnic-friendly, union-made food and drinks:

  • Chips: Doritos, Fritos, Lays Chips, Rolled Gold Pretzels, Cheetos, Ruffles, Sun Chips
  • Sweet Treats: Chips Ahoy, Nilla Wafers, Kit Kat, Ding Dong, Rice Crispy Treats, Twinkies
  • Beer: Budweiser, Land Shark Lager, Michelob, Miller, Sam Adams, Molson Canadian 
  • Wine: Franzia, Almaden, Barrelli Creek, Bartles & Jaymes, Black Box
  • Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Hawaiian Punch, Gatorade, Lipton Tea, Sprite

By following these tips, you can help support union workers and a strong middle class while enjoying a delicious and satisfying picnic to celebrate National Picnic Day.