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Join the "It Can Wait" campaign

Posted on October 11, 2012
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It can wait

Texting and driving is a deadly combination. According to the National Safety Council, more than 100,000 car crashes happen each year because a driver is texting behind the wheel.

That's why Union Plus, which provides more than 40 money-saving benefits and services to union members including a 15% discount on select AT&T wireless plans, is supporting AT&T's "It Can Wait" campaign that asks drivers â€" especially teen drivers â€" to pledge to never text and drive.

"We can save lives by taking the no-texting-and-driving pledge," said Leslie Tolf, president of Union Plus.

A recent AT&T survey among teenagers found that 97% of teens say they know that texting is dangerous but that 75% of teens say that texting while driving is "common" among their friends. Almost all teens (89%) expect a reply to a text or email within five minutes or less and 77% of teens report seeing their parents text while driving.

"We need to remember that we are role models for the younger generation," says Tolf. "We support AT&T in its efforts to educate families and encourage union members and especially their children to pledge to stop texting and driving."

AT&T's "It Can Wait" public awareness campaign is focused on the simple message: No text is worth dying for. Visit to learn more and to take the pledge to stop texting and driving.

Visit to save 15% on select wireless plans from AT&T, the nation's only union wireless provider.

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