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It Looks Like You Have a Cavity

It’s the phrase every patient reclining in the dentist’s chair dreads.  Was there something you could have done to prevent this? 

Cavities are likely to form the more sugar we snack on. Our mouths are full of bacteria, some helpful, some malevolent, and the latter bacteria feeds on sugars, forming acid that eats away at our teeth. Like your dentist always reminds you, daily brushing (with a toothpaste that has fluoride in it) and flossing can help prevent the buildup of sugar and cavities.

In the earliest stages of a cavity, it’s entirely likely that you’ll feel nothing, as the first layer of your teeth is simply enamel, which has no nerves and thus no sensitivity. The good news is that this stage of a cavity can be reversed. Proper oral hygiene can repair the enamel, stopping that pesky cavity in its tracks.  

Unfortunately, some cavities persevere, which leads to more pronounced symptoms. The classic one is, of course, a toothache, especially when you eat something sweet. Remember how the bad bacteria feeds on sugar? Well, coating an already decaying tooth in more sugar produces more acid, which will eventually dissolve all the enamel and make its way to your tooth’s sensitive nerve endings, causing discomfort.

This expanding cavity can also lead to other symptoms, such as a bad taste in your mouth or bad breath that just won’t go away. It’s possible to feel or even see a more advanced cavity – you may notice a dark spot on your tooth, or a mysterious hole. Any of these indications are cause to see a dentists as soon as possible. 

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