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Consumer Tips

Nine Holiday Travel Tips to Stay Healthy

Here are nine tips to help keep you (and others) healthy as you travel by train, plane or car.

  1. Don’t travel if you are experiencing any sign of illness.
  2. Get your flu shot at least two weeks before you leave.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly and often.
  4. Stay hydrated. Drink more water and less caffeine.
  5. If you're traveling by air, pack a small (TSA-approved size) bottle of hand sanitizer in your carry-on luggage. Use it once you're settled in your seat and again after you leave the plane. If you're traveling by car, keep a bottle in your glove box or door pocket and use it.
  6. Take precautions when using public lavatories.
  7. Pay attention to symptoms of nearby travelers. Try to keep your distance and avoid contact with anything they might touch.
  8. Don’t share food or drinks.
  9. Cover your mouth and nose with a scarf or tissue if someone near you sneezes or coughs in your direction. Discard used tissues right away, then wash or sanitize your hands carefully.