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Protect Your Electronics

Safeguard your personal devices from theft, water damage, and general wear and tear.

Smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronics are expensive to replace. Stretch your dollars by protecting these devices from theft and common mishaps that lead to early destruction.

Prevent Theft

Keep a low profile to help deter thieves from snatching your expensive electronics. Take these precautions:

  • Use caution in public places. Keep your device out of sight when you’re not using it, and always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Never leave devices unattended — even when they’re under lock and key. Thieves smash the windows of locked cars to retrieve laptops, smartphones and GPS navigation devices in plain sight.
  • Carry devices in a nondescript bag or case. This may help prevent a thief from stealing the electronic.

If you plan to travel with electronics in tow, play it safe with this advice from MetLife.

Prevent Water Damage

Avoid using electronics around water, and store your device in a water-resistant case for good measure. If an accident happens and your device isn’t protected, act quickly to avoid a total loss:

  1. Shut off and unplug the device. This keeps it from short-circuiting.
  2. Remove any obstructions. Prevent water from reaching all components by removing the battery, headphones, and the SIM and memory cards.
  3. Drain the water. Get as much water out of the device as possible by tilting it, shaking it or sucking out the moisture with a vacuum cleaner attachment.
  4. Take it apart. Follow the operating manual’s instructions for disassembling the device.
  5. Let it dry. Store the device in an area with excellent air circulation, and use a fan to help speed up the process.
  6. Wait. Give the device a few days to dry out, then reassemble it and turn it back on.
Prevent Wear and Tear

Take care of your device to maximize its lifespan. Some pointers:

  • Invest in a protective case. You can choose from a variety of materials, such as hard plastic or rubber, which offer different levels of protection. Clear plastic protectors help prevent fragile screens from cracking or shattering.
  • Be careful in extreme temperatures. If your device has been in extreme cold or heat for an extended period, let it warm or cool to room temperature before using it.
  • Keep computers in well-ventilated areas. If your desktop or laptop computer feels hot, there may be dust inside the machine. Clean the fans regularly with compressed air, and use a laptop cooling pad to allow for proper air flow.

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