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See clearly, live fully: Navigating Save Your Vision Month

Did you know that March is Save Your Vision Month? Here is information to help increase your awareness and help you and your family prioritize healthy eyesight. 

See clearly, live fully: Navigating Save Your Vision Month

Save Your Vision Month is held every March to increase awareness and to help you prioritize your eyesight. Our eyes are the conduits through which we experience and navigate the world. It’s important to explore and educate ourselves on the many aspects of our eye health and learn how to maintain optimal vision.

As our lives become increasingly intertwined with digital screens and demanding lifestyles, the importance of preserving our vision has never been more critical. Save Your Vision Month serves as a timely reminder to take proactive steps in caring for our eyes and overall wellness by encouraging the prioritization of regular eye exams, adopting healthy eye habits, and raising awareness about the factors that contribute to long-term eye health.

Preventive measures for eye health and protecting your vision

  • Regular eye exams are the cornerstone of preventive eye care. Save Your Vision Month encourages you to schedule a full-service eye exam to detect potential issues early on. Getting personalized care from a VSP® network doctor can give you greater insight into your overall care. Did you know that eye doctors can detect early signs of more than 270 diseases through an eye exam?1
  • Nutrition plays a big role in your eye wellness. A well-balanced diet is not only beneficial for overall health but also plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal eye health. Eating a diet low in fat and rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains can help not only your heart but also your eyes.2
  • Adopting healthy lifestyle habits that promote healthy eyes is key. Beyond eye exams and nutrition, protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays by embracing proper eye safety practices, such as wearing sunglasses and protective eyewear, is an easy way to help keep your vision and eyes in tip-top shape.
  • Take care of your eyes when using digital devices. In an era dominated by screens, digital eye strain has become a common concern, as prolonged screen time can impact your eyes. If you spend hours a day using digital devices, you might notice your vision blurs and your eyes start to feel achy and tired, among other symptoms. Relieve your eyes by implementing a few of these tips: blink to keep your eyes moisturized, follow the 20-20-20 rule, use computer glasses, and adjust the brightness and contrast of your screens.3

Save Your Vision Month is an invitation to empower yourself with knowledge and practical steps to safeguard your vision. VSP® Individual Vision Plans offer affordable vision coverage to support your eye care needs. You deserve more when it comes to your eye health. Be proactive in your eye care and keep your sights set on a future filled with clear vision.


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