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Union Tips for U.S. Trips: National Parks

America’s 60 national parks are filled with treasures that often rival those around the world. Right in our own backyards, union families can experience wonders from glaciers to coral reefs. With so many to choose from, we picked our favorite features and found that “Made-in-America” has never looked so stunning!


  1. Endangered Glaciers
    North America was once covered in glaciers. The last of America’s glaciers are mostly in Alaska at Denali, Lake Clark, Glacier Bay, Kenai Fjords and Wrangell-Saint Elias national parks. And, perhaps surprisingly, also in Glacier National Park, Montana and Mount Rainier, Washington.
  2. Fantastic Forests
    King’s Canyon, Redwood and Sequoia national parks, California all have giant sequoia and redwood trees including some of the largest trees recorded.

    Joshua Tree, California is a desert landscape populated by vast stands of Joshua trees. 
  3. Amazing Rock Formations
    Find impressive natural sandstone arches, spires, mesas and other rock formations at Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef and Zion national parks in Utah
  4. Grand Canyons
    Yellowstone, Wyoming is home to its own 24-mile long Grand Canyon.

    Grand Canyon, Arizona — the 277 mile-long canyon is the second most visited national park in the U.S. and is often listed as one of the Wonders of the World.
  5. Hot Springs and Geysers
    Yellowstone which sits in three states — Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho — has about 10,000 geysers, hot springs, bubbling mud pots, and hot spring terraces. 

    Hot Springs, Arkansas has 47 hot springs that provide the famous Bathhouse Row with therapeutic waters.
  6. Vast Sandy Deserts
    Death Valley, which sits in both California & Nevada, is the hottest, lowest, and driest place in the U.S. It’s so infamous that almost 100 movies and TV shows have featured Death Valley.

    Great Sand Dunes, Colorado boasts the tallest sand dunes in North America.
  7. Sublime Lakes
    For some truly great lakes look to these national parks:
  8. Coral Reefs
    Tropical marine life may not spring to mind when thinking of national parks but there are several dedicated to preserving endangered coral reefs including: 
  9. Massive Caves/Caverns
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