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Union Tips for U.S. Trips: Summer Travel Series

Welcome to Union Tips for U.S. Trips — a summer travel series for union members and their families. Watch these fun videos for vacation ideas or just to be charmed by awesome destinations including union monuments, union resorts, national parks and more. We hope you’ll be inspired to travel union and save money with the Union Plus Travel & Entertainment programs.

  1. Union Monuments — Across the nation, there are great monuments to the labor union legacy, and some may even be closer than you realize. Add these sites to your travel itinerary to put a union twist on your summer plans.

    Blog Post Image_UnionMonuments_750x423.jpg

  2. Unionized Resorts — Summer is synonymous with the beach! So, let’s check out some U.S. beach towns and resorts where sun, fun and union come together for a great vacation.

    Union Trips-Beach Resorts.jpg

  3. National Parks — America’s 60 national parks are filled with treasures that often rival those around the world. Right in our own backyards, union families can experience wonders from glaciers to coral reefs. With so many to choose from, we picked our favorite features and found that “Made-in-America” has never looked so stunning!

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