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The warning signs of hearing loss

Today approximately 48 million Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss.

The warning signs of hearing loss

Along with noise-induced hearing loss, presbycusis (age-related hearing loss), can not only affect your overall quality of life, but can also contribute to serious health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression and dementia.

As with any medical condition, hearing loss has recognizable symptoms. The most common symptom is tinnitus, defined as a constant ringing or humming in one or both ears. Other hearing loss symptoms include:

  • Trouble understanding the difference between s and f, between p and t, or between sh and th in conversations (consonants)
  • Difficulty understanding conversations in noisy places like a stadium or restaurant.
  • Listening to the television or radio at high volumes in order to hear them.
  • Requesting those you’re conversing with to speak more slowly and clearly.
  • Muffled speech and other sounds.
  • Difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds like doorbells, ringing telephones, alarm clocks, etc.
  • Hypersensitivity to sounds (certain sounds are annoying or cause ear pain).
  • Having trouble recognizing speech during phone conversations.
  • Asking someone to speak louder or constantly asking someone to repeat what they said.

Hearing loss is a degenerative condition and cannot be reversed, but it can be treated. If you or a member of your family have been experiencing any of these symptoms, schedule a comprehensive hearing exam today.


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