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Announcing the Union Plus Pet Photo Contest 2013 winners!

Posted on September 13, 2013
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Ruffy the riveter  2

On Monday, June 10, Union Plus challenged all union members to find a pet more lovable than our own Ruffy the Riveter. To be honest, Ruffy was skeptical, and even getting a little cocky, and who could blame her…We mean, just look at her!

We asked you to bring it, and you brought it! With more than 1250 submissions of union pets, everyone at Union Plus, Ruffy included, are still recovering from the high levels of cute overload. Today, we are proud to announce our five winners.

You voted and we agree, these pets are the cutest animals in the labor world. If you are left speechless, it's because are they are truly too adorable for words. Huge thanks to everyone who participated!

As you check out the winners, don't forget that union members can enjoy Union Plus discounts and savings on Pet Insurance, Veterinarian Services.


#1. Carol Rodgers, OPEIU Local 2 member, with 1115 votes.

"Hamlet - Official Goose Chaser, Mascot and Admissions Team Member at the National Labor College."


#2. Margie and Gaetano Disalvo, IUOE Local 793 member, with 1063 votes.

"Bring your kid to work day! :)"


#3. Lori and Patrick Gallagher, NATCA ZJX Local member, with 642 votes.

 "Sweet, Sassy, and Smart!!"



#4. Ellen Volk, CWA Local 1105 member, with 429 votes

"Tony loves his FiOS tv box."


#5. Michael Adams, IAFF Local 2057 member, with 266 votes

"Faster than a speeding bullet, & more powerful than a locomotive!"


Union member can keep the fun going by saving 10% on pet insurance and 25% on veterinary services.

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