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Ruffy's 11 steps to furry fabulous

Posted on June 14, 2013
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Ruffy the riveter  3

When you're fabulous, you laugh when people say "in" or "out" of style, because you know that you are the style maker. Your look is timeless, so you don't need to keep up with the fashion trends. It's not something you do, not something you wear, it's just who you are!

But the line between flop and fabulous can be an out-of-place doggy hair or an askew cat whisker. Thanks to these photo submissions into Union Plus' Pet Photo Contest (hurry, the fun ends August 8) from union members, here is a quick Ruffy-approved cheat sheet on the rules to looking remarkable.



Don't forget that union members keep pets fabulous from head to tail by saving 10% on pet insurance, 25% on veterinary services and 10% on pet food, toys and other supplies.


Union Pet Discount

1. First rule of fabulous is to get enough beauty sleep.


Union Pet Discount

2. Every detail counts, so professional grooming is essential.


Union Pet Discount

3. Work your wardrobe even when your heart's not in it.


Union Pet Discount

4. Surround yourself with fabulous friends (but make sure you are the most fabulous).


Union Pet Discount

5. Be careful, your friends might want to steal your spotlight.


Union Pet Discount

6. To be fabulous, you simply must nail the perfect smile every time.


Union Pet Discount

7. Choose your role models wisely.


Union Pet Discount

8. A little attitude goes a long way.


Union Pet Discount

9. Make "impossibly cute" a little more possible with just your eyes.


Union Pet Discount

10. Look fierce and lovable at the same time.



11. Every moment should be a Kodak moment.


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