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6 point checklist to make your next move a whole lot easier

Posted on April 26, 2013
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Moving tips

Finding a new dream home can be an emotional nightmare. From the work it takes to search through houses, to build a relationship with a real estate agent and to qualify for a loan, you are probably exhausted even before attempting to move that awkward-to-hold couch into your new place.

The move-in day ought to be a giant sigh of relief, and a celebration of building a new life with a new home. Here is a 6 point checklist to make your new home move a whole lot easier.

1.  Budget - Figure out how much money you have available to spend against what tasks you can realistically handle on your own. This will help determine how much to let the professional movers handle.

2. Get an estimate - Make sure to get a free estimate before hiring movers, which most moving companies provide. Union members can get a free quote from Union Plus' two professional moving discount providers, NorthAmerican Van Lines and Allied Van Lines. And for self-moves, check out Union Plus Budget rental discounts.

3. Know which items need to be packed
- Prior to your move, assess your household inventory. Only taking items worth keeping can save a lot of time and money. You can put your other belongings to good use by donating them or selling them at a garage sale. Need to move a vehicle?  Don't miss these tips and get a free quote.

Allow approximately 30 days for three move-related tasks: packing, loading and delivery.

4. Lock in a move date - Once you receive estimates from a mover, ask them about availability. If you have specific moving days in mind, don't hesitate to lock in your moving dates - even if your plans are not necessary set in place.  It is generally easier for moving companies to delay your packing and loading dates than to schedule dates with only a week's notice.

5. Plan ahead as much as possible - The more time that you can allow for pre-planning, the better. Start getting moving quotes no less than 30 days from your anticipated move date.  During the summertime, even more time may be required. Click here to learn more about when is the best time to move.

6. Adjust for the change of address - Take the necessary steps to discontinue your current household services and utilities, and schedule these services for your new home. Make sure your change of address is reflected where important.

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