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Union pet-lovers pay less

Posted on April 1, 2013
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Pet services

Union pet owners, it's time you stop paying full price.  Use your Union Plus discounts to save on everything from veterinarian services and pet insurance to food, flea products, toys, even medications. 

Pet insurance
Affordable dog and cat insurance plans help manage unexpected veterinary medical bills. If your pet is sick or has an accident, the last thing you want to be thinking about is money.  Save up to 10% on Union Plus Pet Insurance.

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Pet food, medications, toys and more
Did you know union members can buy name brand pet food, supplies & medication at highly competitive prices...saving you as much as 10%? And you can save an extra 5% when you use your Union Plus Credit Card.

Start now by saving $1 off prescription medications and flea & tick products for spring and summer. Shop online.

Veterinarian services
Cut the cost of routine veterinarian services. Join Union Plus Pet Savings through Pet Assure and save 25% every time you visit a veterinarian in PetAssure's growing network of participating vets. There are no forms, no pet exclusions, no deductibles.  Plus, you save up to 50% off pet boarding, pet training and more. 

Get a 3-month trial membership for only $1. Enroll online.

Tip: Union Plus Pet Savings can be used with Union Plus Pet Insurance to save even more money on ALL your veterinary bills.

If you have a pet, it's time you stop paying full price.

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